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Thanks to the irresistible generosity of the Natural Mother, Cappadocia (which means "Land of beautiful horses") is a unique holiday place. The soil is formed from a very soft volcanic terrain, ash and lava eroded from volcanoes. Rivers, streams, rains, snow and ice shaped this ground. Erosion is the source of this supernatural landscape. However, Cappadocia's big reputation as being a magnificent place to visit is also thanks to the generous hospitality of its inhabitants.

Cappadocia, strategically located at the crossroads of major communication and trading routes like the "silk road", was also the cradle of different civilizations over the centuries beginning with the Hittite Empire. The tuff was so easy to work, even using primitive tools, that inhabitants were able to carve their cave-dwellings into the rock. Later, when Christians arrived, they carved many churches and decorated them with frescoes.

Many people were encouraged to settle down in this region because of the soft weather and the effective protection that caves, canyons and peaks provided them against the predatory animals and invaders. Among these people we can quote the first Christians visited by Saint Paul.

These people left as inheritance many chapels wıth frescoes and churches hidden in valleys, subterranean cıtıes and cave dwellings. Caravanserais and medersas are evidences of the most recent empires such as Seldjoukides.

Ürgüp, located right in the heart of Cappadocia, is an ideal point of departure for your daily excursions through the region.

Four seasons in Cappadocia.

Cappadocia is located at approximately 1300 m height providing with a nice weather in all seasons. Colours are different all year long which makes people rediscover the different landscapes every time they visit.

In winter

Winters are cold and dry. Snow and the blue sky make trekking on racket snowshoes an unforgettable experience.

Plan to bring warm clothes and good hiking shoes..

In Spring

Temperatures are between 7°C and 22°C in May. This is the ideal season to discover the region. The trees are covered with flowers and nature is reborn after winter.

In Summer

Summers are sunny, hot and dry. Temperatures are between 11°C and 30°C but nights are cool.

Plan to bring light clothes and a sweater or jacket for cool nights.

In Autumn

Landscape colors change. Red, orange and gold colors are admired. Vines are covered with grapes.

Pleasant weather and cool nights.


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